The Lily Clear View Garden Aquarium is crafted with an interlocking design for an exceptional premium finish. Garden Aquarium lead the market with its unique breath-taking large windows supplied with a custom made box welded liner. 



- Box welded liner with two windows

- Treated and finished in Seagrass Green for long lasting durability

- Liner integrated into the window for fast and easy assembly

- Convenient size, easy to assemble pack

- Liner includes a 12 month guarantee

Assembled measurements:
Width: 170 cm x 147 cm (5 ft 7 inches x 4 ft 10 inches)

Panel Width: 92 cm (3 ft)

Height: 51 cm (1 ft 8 inches)

Volume: 650 litres

Window Size: 55cm x 36.5cm (H)

Note: Fountain or safety cover and plants in photo not included in the sale. 

Accessories you may like to add to your shopping basket are:

Safety Cover

We recommend the custom-made Garden Aquarium safety cover, unique to Garden Aquarium range of ponds. This strong cover is galvinised and black powder coated for a high quality finish and peace of mind.

Fountain and UV Filtrations

All our fountain range have UV filtration and an option of 4 fountain heads to keep the water crystal clear.  We have the Filtrall 3000 (1,500 litre per hour), the Filtral 6000 (2,500 litre per hour) both all in one units that you place in the Garden Aquarium.  We also have the compact PondoVario 2500 with an external BioPress 4000 UV filter for easy cleaning.  See our accessories page for more combinations with and without the waterfall feature.  


Illuminate your Clear View Garden Aquarium at night with a set of warm white LED lights. 

Or the new RGB Multicolour Remote Control Lights, switch between multiple colours and turn them on and off with a remote control.

Aquatic Plant Pots

Plant pond plants along the surface of your Garden Aquarium with our Aquatic Planters, easy to install and hold plants in place at water surface level.

Clear View Garden Aquarium Waterfall

The waterfall is custom-made for the Clear View Garden Aquarium range. Stainless Steel coated with a curved blade that creates a seamless curtain of clean water flowing into your Clear View Garden Aquarium. For this option you would need the upgraded 6000 UV Filter.

Aquatic Plant Packs 

Bring your Garden Aquarium to life with our custom plant packs which include, oxygenators, deep water plants, marginal water plants and the aquatic plant pots. 

Clear View Garden Aquarium Window Cleaner

Keep your windows clean inside and out without getting your hands wet, with the XL magnetic window cleaner.

Maintenance Pack

Ensure you have all the accessories to keep your Garden Aquarium looking fantastic all year round.


See our accessories page for more options, including the airator to add a great bubble feature to your Garden Aquarium and the ice free thermo pond heater for those cold Winter months.


Orders will be dispatched in 11 working days.

Please ensure you have received your Garden Aquarium before ordering or moving any fish or aquatic plants.


Intellectual Property Community Design No. 007480843-0003

US Design Patent Application No. 29/728,897

Seagrass Green Lily Clear View Garden Aquarium - Raised Hexagon Pond

  • Check out our accessories page for your additional items for your Garden Aquarium.  Such as the Airaitor and Airstone, and the Ice Free Thermo Pond Heater.