Garden Aquarium is a family run business which started it's journey in 2010.  Our journey began when we finished building our home and decided to integrate some planters into the dry stone wall at the front of the house.

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Shortly after, and with Mothers Day around the corner the next project was a planter as a gift, which was received very well.  With family and friends also wanting planters we began selling.  Demand grew and we were approached by a customer for a 1.5m x 1m planter 1m tall, to use as a pond.    What a great idea! Our customer was so pleased that we began supplying small garden ponds, and named our business 'Pots and Ponds'.

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Our first ponds were sold fully assembled and were very successful for many years, we were constantly asked if we can supply larger ponds, so again responding to customer feedback we developed our flat pack range you see today. 

The next natural development for us was to change the way you see your fish by developing the pond with large viewing windows. We didn't want it to be small and spent many years developing technology to ensure a long lasting waterproof seal.  Our designs are now protected by intellectual property in the USA and Europe making us the only suppler of our unique designs.  Our business had evolved from building wooden planters and ponds to specialising in  premium raised garden ponds.  Having moved entirely away from where we started, it was no longer appropriate for our business to be called 'Pots and Ponds, and so we re-branded to become Garden Aquarium.

Since re-branding we have attended the AQUA Show, and exhibited at the RHS Shows, where we have had great success selling our Aquariums as a premium lifestyle product and at the London Pet Show as a high end pet product.  We have also featured in a 5 page article in Practical Fishkeeping and the Home and Garden section of the Times newspaper.

As you can see we love evolving to meet our customer needs, and have developed several Garden Aquarium aquatic accessories such as the customised safety frame, aquatic planters and the waterfall blade.

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