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Over 2650 litre range

Introducing the supersize Tancho Clear View Garden Aquarium, an ideal haven for housing Koi. Leading the market with its expansive window, the Tancho boasts a single 1.2-meter-wide window, providing an unparalleled view into your Garden Aquarium.

The double-decker model extends the depth of your pond with an additional below-ground level to the liner, making the aquarium 1.61m deep. This design enhancement increases both the volume and depth of your aquatic space. During setup, you'll require a 1.2m x 1.2m x 0.75m hole in the centre of the pond frame.

Explore this page to discover the Tancho range and the assortment of accessories tailored to enhance your Tancho experience.

If you're eager to understand all the essentials from start to finish, our Planning your aquarium section is an invaluable resource, or if you're seeking creative ideas, visit our Be Inspired section.

2650 Litre
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