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Pond Clear Barley Straw Pack of 2

Pond Clear Barley Straw Pack of 2

SKU: BarleyStraw

Barley Straw is a 100% safe and natural solution for treating algae and blanketweed in ponds, and will not affect the health or wellbeing of pond life, ornamental fish or aquatic plants, it is also safe for pets and wildlife. Barley straw is proven to be an effective solution to clear blanketweed and algal problems in ponds and lakes.


Ideally introduce the straw from early Spring so it can begin to break down biologically before any algae starts to grow. If algae & blanketweed are already present in the pond, remove as much as possible before introducing the straw.


Preferably fully submerge the net bag where there is water movement, ie on the outlet side of a filtration system or near a fountain. The compostable net bag will gradually decompose and should be replaced every 3 months throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn months. The decomposing straw inhibits the algae growth and the rate depends on the temperature of the water. Decomposition happens more quickly in warmer water and we would recommend removing the dead algae as it appears.


Our barley straw is grown and packaged in the UK. It is supplied in compostable netting with a 100% recyclable label and treats 9,000 litres (2,000 gallons) for approximately three months.


This includes two bales of barley straw.


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