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PondoVac Classic

PondoVac Classic

SKU: 50110

Make cleaning your garden aquarium easy with the PondoVac Classic.  The perfect size for the Clear View Garden Aquarium. Great to remove debris from the bottom of the aquariums, or to pump the water out of the aquarium to undertake maintenance.


Key Features

  • Maximum suction depth of 2 m
  • Automatic activation and emptying through clever motor control
  • Multifunction use for pond, pool, and household
  • 1400 WATTS: Effective sludge removal thanks to powerful 1400 W motor
  • DEEP ACTION: Achieves a maximum suction depth of 2 m
  • SMART: Fully automatic activation and emptying thanks to intelligent motor electronics
  • HIGH SUCTION: Achieves up to 3000 l/h, depending on operating conditions
  • DESIGN: Compact and with a 27 litre dirty water tank
  • MONITORING: The transparent suction tube lets you keep an eye on the flow at all times

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