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Garden Aquarium offers four distinct ranges of ponds: the Lotus (square), Lily (hexagon), Iris (rectangle), and Tancho (Supersize square) range.


If you're eager to understand all the essentials from start to finish, our Planning your aquarium section is an invaluable resource. Browse our shop below for your aquarium necessities, or if you're seeking creative ideas, visit our Be Inspired section.

Our unique patented range of Clear View Garden Aquarium's feature an interlocking design, ensuring a premium finish, and come with a custom-built box welded liner tailored to shape, complete with integrated windows for effortless assembly.

A standout feature of Garden Aquariums is their large viewing windows, offering a breath-taking view of your aquatic landscape.

Each Garden Aquarium is conveniently packaged for easy assembly, with the pond supplied boxed alongside clear assembly instructions.

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