This 80cm Waterfall / Blade is custom-made for the Clear View Garden Aquarium range, we have supersized our bestselling 40cm blade especially for the Tancho. With two 32mm inlets the waterfall creates a seamless curtain of water and a calm and relaxing sound for those peaceful evenings, the perfect way to return clean filtered water back to your aquarium.


The waterfall is stainless steel finished with pipe and connections to link up to the range of pumps we supply and is also compatible to use with the guard.



Dimensions: 80cm x 38cm x 7cm (H)

Includes 2 x outlet connections

Includes 2 x 32mm pipe

Includes 1 x Oase Y adaptor to connect to the filter


Note: This waterfall is only compatable for the Aquamax Eco Classic Control 9000 C


Please see shipping page for latest delivery information.  Please ensure you have received your Garden Aquarium before ordering or moving any fish or aquatic plants.


Intellectual Property Community Design No. 007480843

US Design Patent Application No. 29/728,897

80cm Clear View Garden Aquarium Waterfall / Blade

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