The AquaMax Eco Classic C pumps are ideal for the Tancho Clear View Garden Aquarium raised garden pond. The pump is very resilient, and will pass particles up to 8mm in size and the incredibly efficient motors make them ideally suited to our range of supersize aquariums.  Another great reason we suggest this is the unit can also be controlled via Bluetooth by your mobile phone.


AquaMax Eco Classic C pumps can be submerged underwater in the pond. These pumps are supplied with 10 metres of cable with a terminal plug fitting to quick connect/disconnect the controller box. The Controller box connects to a power supply. All models are protected by EFC dry-run protection to prevent overheating damage.


The Classic Controllable is modelled on the well-established and ever-reliable AquaMax Eco Classic pumps, but with the addition of a detachable controller which can be used to switch the pump on and off and also regulate the motor speed to control the flow rate. The pump can also be controlled on a mobile phone or tablet with the OASE app.



Flow Rate: 8,800 litres per hour

Power: 23-90w

Cable Length: 10m

Dimensions: 28 x 23 x 14 cm

Pipe connections 25/32/38mm


Please note this is the pump system and a filter and pipe connections would be required for a full system.  Please see our combined pack offer for the full system.


Please see shipping page for latest delivery information.  Please ensure you have received your Garden Aquarium before ordering or moving any fish or aquatic plants.


Intellectual Property Community Design No. 007480843

US Design Patent Application No. 29/728,897

Aquamax Eco Classic Control 9000 C with Bluetooth

SKU: AquaMax9000C