This 38mm / 1.5 inch hose is perfect for connecting up the Oase products we recommend for the Tancho Clear View Garden Aquarium rasied garden pond.  The spiral hose from Oase is temperature-resistant from -15°C to +50°C and has a smooth, resistance-free inner wall. The flexible PVC material makes it handy, light and easy to carry.



Colour: Black

Diameter: 38mm / 1.5 inches

Material: PVC

Max Pressure: 1 bar


Please see shipping page for latest delivery information.  Please ensure you have received your Garden Aquarium before ordering or moving any fish or aquatic plants.


Intellectual Property Community Design No. 007480843

US Design Patent Application No. 29/728,897

Oase 5m 38mm /1.5 inch hose

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