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Plant Pack (inc Planters) Extra Large

Plant Pack (inc Planters) Extra Large


Bring your Garden Aquarium to life with our aquatic plant pot collection for your pond from our award winning supplier.


6 x 1ltr marginals

1 x 2ltr deep water

1 x 1ltr miniature/small lily

Oxygenating plants

6 x Garden Aquarium Aquatic plant pots


Marginals - Attractive range of surface water plants

Acorus gramineus Ogon (Golden variegated sweet flag)

This variegated semi-evergreen has aromatic, showy bright yellow & green striped foliage that grows in attractive wide fans forming large low growing clumps. Little maintenance is required. Trim just above the water surface after foliage has died back in Autumn to tidy leaving a little material to protect new shoots. Flowers June to September growing 25-35cm in height.

Juncus effusus spiralis (Corkscrew rush)

This evergreen is a must-have for any small pond. It has an unusual corkscrew twist to the cylindrical foliage. Although evergreen, cutting it back in early spring encourages fresh new growth. Evergreen. Trim in early spring to encourage new growth. Flowers June to August growing 25-45cm in height.

Oenanthe javanica 'Flamingo' (Variegated water dropwort)

The beautiful tricolour foliage is pink, white and green in spring, maturing to a darker green and pink in autumn. Tiny, creamy white flowers in umbels appear in mid-summer. This plant can be trimmed as required at any time during the growing season. Flowers July to August growing 30-40cm in height.

Scirpus cernuus OXY (Fibre optic plant)

This attractive evergreen has an apt common name. The glossy thread-like leaves have minute white flower spikes on the tips of each leaf. Evergreen. Trim in early spring to encourage new growth. Flowers June to September growing 20-30cm in height.

Caltha palustris (Marsh marigold, King cup)

Once established it produces a mass of bright yellow flowers very early in the spring, almost a ball of yellow. After flowering in March and April most foliage will die back. Remove dead leaves to tidy and encourage a potential second flowering. Flowers March to April growing 30-50cm in height.

Iris pseudacorus 'Alba'

Broad green foliage and large creamy white flowers. The signal is etched in charcoal grey. As with all iris the tubers are harmful if eaten. After foliage has died back in Autumn cut back to just above the water surface. If trimming left until spring take care not to damage emerging shoots. Flowers June to July growing 80-100cm in height.


Deep Water

Aponogeton distachyo (Water hawthorn)

Free flowering for most of the year. Very hardy, if protected from frost, it will flower all winter. It dies back for a short time in August. Fragile leaves may be damaged in transit, remove these and new will soon regrow. This plant looks fantastic early and late in the year. The foliage dies back in the summer. Leaves damaged in transit can be removed and new ones will grow. Plant in still water away from splashing fountains. Lower gradually so the leaves can stretch to the surface within a few days. Flowers March to July, September to December.



N. Aurora

Intriguingly, the gorgeous blooms of this exceptional water lily are yellow when they first open, turning orange on the second day, and taking on a pinkish-red colour on the third. An excellent choice for any size of pond. Plant in still water away from splashing fountains. Lower gradually so the leaves can stretch to the surface within a few days. Remove dead leaves and flowers during the growing season. Flowers June to September.


Oxygenating Plants

Bunch Ceratophyllum demersum (Hornwort)

One of few submerged plants active in autumn and winter. Goldfish are partial to the young succulent leaves & many insects shelter in their tangled masses. In fast flowing water the leaves are held below the surface. In still shallow water the leaves may protrude but a centimetre or two. Can be dropped in pond as a weighted bunch but it benefits from being planted in soil. Flowers May to September.


Garden Aquarium Aquatic Plant Pots

Fit at the top of the pond and see your plants grow on the waters surface.


Note: The above flowers are examples of the plant pack, due to plants changing throughout the season and stock availability they may be swapped to different variations.


Delivery: Your plant order will arrive a few days after your Garden Aquarium.

  • Damaged Goods

    At Garden Aquarium we pride ourselves on quality, however on the rare occasion there is a problem please contact us with a photo and description of the issue.  We will arrange a replacement or provide a full refund following return of the goods unused and in original packaging.  Damaged goods must be reported within 48 hours of delivery.


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